Zia McCabe
(born June 2, 1975) is a percussionist, bassist and keyboard player. She is a founding member of The Dandy Warhols, an American alternative rock band. She graduated from Battle Ground High School in Battle Ground, Washington in 1992. In 1995, with hardly any prior musical experience, Zia joined The Dandy Warhols. In an interview, Zia revealed that "I always wanted to be a performer/artist of some sort. When I was little I thought it would be a dancer, and in college I was heading towards metal sculpture. Luckily, I took a beginning guitar class for fun in college, that really helped once I was in the band, I could recognize the chords and play along, also the dance background was good for rhythm."

Early in The Dandy Warhols' career, McCabe used to perform topless towards the ends of shows, leading to much notoriety in the local music scene, and a burgeoning fanbase.

While pregnant with husband Travis Hendricks's daughter, Matilda Louise, Zia continued to perform and record, and managed to complete recording for Odditorium or Warlords Of Mars one week away from childbirth. Zia is currently continuing her touring and recording with The Dandy Warhols to date.

On March 8, 2005, McCabe posed nude while pregnant for the web site SuicideGirls featuring pictures taken by the SuicideGirl Anais. Her photos were posted simultaneously with photos of Anais taken by McCabe.

She married Travis Hendricks on October 7 2001.